Harriet Horton


Prawn with blue case

Prawn with blue case


Taxidermy Spencer Gulf prawn. Naturally mottled exoskeleton with sharpened, samurai steel antennas. Housed in a hand-made glass box on a resin base. Each box is individually coloured by hand so please allow for a small variation between pieces.

Process: I have used as much of the original prawn as possible. Only the antennas, pereiopods (front legs) and eyes have been replaced. Each pleapod (back leg) has been detached, meat removed and individually injected with a dyed silicone. There is a silicone cast of the body inside the exoskeleton. The prawns are finished with a clear resin for durability.

Zero food waste: All meat from every taxidermy prawn has been consumed.

H 26 x W 22 x D 8cm

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